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  • Is your contract as profitable as it should be?

  • Are you having difficulty managing labor costs?

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Why Us

As a contractor partnering with Insured Benefit Plans, you have a powerful ally to help you save money on payroll burden, provide quality health, dental, vision and life insurance, maximize owner contributions to retirement accounts, and stay in compliance with government regulations.

Below we discuss the challenges you face, your different alternatives, acts you must comply with, and our solutions to all these issues and factors. Contact us to learn more about how we can use our knowledge and expertise in the areas below to provide you with Contract Profitability, Compliance, Competitive Bidding, Labor Cost Containment, Employee Benefits Administration, and Multiple Jobsite Management.

Contractor Challenges

In addition to the challenge of compliance and competiveness within this industry, we discuss common problems contractors face when funding their wage determination projects.
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The Alternatives

Here we discuss the alternative to paying fringes in cash, the alternative to utilizing a traditional benefit plan, and the alternative to self funding a benefit plan.
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Benefits vs. Cash

Because the monetary differences and ramifications of paying the fringe in benefits vs. cash is such a compelling and competitive issue, the following illustration has been designed to spotlight the actual financial differences in these two methodologies.
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The Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act requires minimum wages and benefits paid to all hourly employees charging time directly to a federal service contract as part of a total compensation plan.
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How can we benefit you?

  • Save on payroll assessment taxes
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Offer medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Stay in compliance DOL, IRS and State regulations
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