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Fringe Benefits

Insured Benefit Plans provides complete fringe benefit design, implementation, enrollment and compliance support. We have strategic partnerships with government contracting industry leaders in insurance, retirement, fringe dollar management, accounting and administration. We chose to work with these particular partners because of the strong industry experience and specialty they provide for each unique situation our clients may need.

Insured Benefit Plans is not restricted to marketing a single product or only offering one service, but rather we allow the client's situation to dictate what methods and options are best for their particular needs. Our resources and solutions emanate from our client's individual needs, not those of our carriers or partners.

All federal service contracts incorporate "fringe dollars" to provide bona fide employee benefits. These fringe dollars are defined by wage determinations and the benefits costs are charged directly to the contract. By choosing Insured Benefit Plans as your employee benefits consultant, you gain access to a full-service benefits administrator that provides your employees with the most cost effective and comprehensive employee benefits package available. All costs associated with our programs are charged directly back to the contract fringe dollars as an allowable expense. As such, all of our services are provided at no added cost to the contractor.

Why Us

How can we benefit you?

  • Save on payroll assessment taxes
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Offer medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Stay in compliance DOL, IRS and State regulations
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