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  • Is your contract as profitable as it should be?

  • Are you having difficulty managing labor costs?

  • Would you like to win more bids?


Welcome to Insured Benefit PlansYour Fringe Benefit Experts

Competition for service contract and prevailing wage jobs has never been greater – and scrutiny on compliance is tougher than ever. Contract Profitability, Compliance, Competitive Bidding, Labor Cost Containment, Employee Benefits Administration, and Multiple Jobsite Management. These are just a few of the problems government contractors face every day.

By partnering with Insured Benefit Plans, you have a powerful ally to help you save money on payroll burden, provide quality health, dental, vision and life insurance, maximize owner contributions to retirement accounts, and stay in compliance with government regulations. We are the service contract & prevailing wage experts and we focus exclusively on government contractors who have hourly paid employees.

Our mission is simple. If you work on government contracts, or would like to, let us show you the difference allocating the fringe benefit portion of the wage determination to a bona fide benefit plan can help you:

  • Realize immediate savings on payroll assessment burden and expenses
  • Develop more competitive bids without impacting profit margins
  • Increase your profits.
  • Stay in compliance with the DOL, IRS and state regulations
  • Leverage innovative product offerings to stay ahead of changes brought about by health care reform.

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How can we benefit you?

  • Save on payroll assessment taxes
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Offer medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance
  • Submit more competitive bids
  • Stay in compliance DOL, IRS and State regulations
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